Working with us is as easy as 1-2-3

There are so many details to consider when designing a home that looks and feels right for your lifestyle. We want to reduce the overwhelm and bring your vision to life so you’ll love the spaces around you and want to share the beauty with friends and family.

3D Renderings.png


When you hire LUX Living SoCal rest assured we will do the following to turn your dream home into a reality:


  • Take time up front to really understand your vision and goals.

  • Create a plan that flows with a budget that you are comfortable with.

  • Design the flow and functionality of the space so that what is reflected in drawings is beautiful and functions well for a young family.

  • Manage design aspects of the construction project as well as track and manage furnishings and accessories so you don’t get bogged down with administrative details.

  • Source fixtures, furnishings and accessories form various vendors so your look is one of a kind.

  • Create a cohesive look and feel throughout the home with color, textures, and appropriately scaled furniture.

  • Deliver and install everything in just the right location.

  1. In-Home Consultation to learn about your project wishes 

  2. We turn your vision into 2D or 3D Renderings 

  3. Implement your plan and pull all the details together so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the fun of seeing your vision come to life.    

We get it, it's easy to talk about design ideas but until you see them together in some sort of visual representation, it's still just ideas that can be easily misinterpreted no matter how clear communication is. So we've created this initial step to working with us as sort of a trial run. You get the benefit of seeing your vision in 3d models before you commit to moving forward with your project .


It's a win win for everyone to ensure that we all are on the same page and that you clearly see what the possibilities could be for your space!