Top 10 things to do while “Social Distancing”

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Episode 16 of Blooming! A Healthy Home by Design Podcast

Show Notes

Hi Friends!

If you are working from home, staying in for the next few weeks, had a trip or event canceled, or are lost without your favorite sports game, I've put together a list of some fun things you can do during this time. If you need anything or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! 

Stay positive. Stay healthy. 

Top 10 things to do while “Social Distancing” 

1. Have a Game Night with your quarantine partners 31 Fun Games for Family Game Night

10 Best Adult Party Games That'll Make Any Game Night OR  Download fun game apps such as:  - Heads Up  - Family Feud Live  - Fibbage

 - Piccolo

What ever happened to good old fashioned charades?  That’s such a fun game with kids of all ages!  All you need is a white board or a large piece of paper and at least 4 people. Then there’s the old stand by games - poker, old maid, uno , checkers, chess, and then there’s a new one called exploding kittens that is pretty fun!  Even my 15 year old has fun with that one sometimes.  

2. Get Ahead of Spring Cleaning 

Take this time to declutter and reorganize your home or apartment! 

100 Best Organizing Tips for the Tidiest Home Ever

How to Store Your Winter Clothes

10 Marie Kondo Organization Tips That Will Change Your Life

Clean out closets, rotate seasonal wear, it’s officially spring!  But how is the weather in your area?  We’ve started to have some warm days which is awesome, but I’m not quite ready to bring out the shorts yet.  But maybe it’s a good time to get rid of stuff you never wear.  You can donate clothes, toys and other household items you no longer use.  If the closet is too big of a project for you right now, you can start by organizing drawers - I should do this for my spice drawer and my junk drawer in my kitchen right now.  Speaking of kitchen , the pantry is a great place to start spring cleaning!  Especially if you just went mega shopping and bought a ton of dry goods, canned goods and snacks you may not have any room for them!  So take these next few days to throw out the old bags of chips and the nuts that have been sitting in that back corner for a year… you aren’t going to eat those now!   

3. Try new recipes!  This is super fun and to spice things up you could have each member of your family pick a day they are in charge of!  They could pick a recipe and be in charge of cooking of course with the help of everyone too.  But that way it will be fun, get’s everyone involved and when you are eating together you are strengthening the bond with your family!  As your kids get older it’s so important to do that!  I’ve been terrible at making family dinner a priority as my kids have gotten older, because everyone gets so busy with their sports and school schedules and extra curricular stuff and we’ve really suffered from that, so I LOVE that we are all stuck at home now and we have to have dinner together!  It’s done wonders for making me feel more connected to the ones I love most.    

My all time favorite chef is Heather Christo. She’s someone I know from my kid’s old school when we lived in Seattle.  She’s a trained culinary chef and has an amazing blog full of all kinds of recipes.  The coolest thing is that she specializes in allergen free recipes… her daughters were suffering from allergies and she eliminated so many foods - but being the amazing chef that she is, she created delicious recipes and focused on sharing those with others.  So check out her blog it’s   You’ll find vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, keto and more recipes all there.  Pretty cool.  

Heather Christo's Blog

Joe Beddia's Homemade Pizza Res Ispa's Agrodolce Chicken

Yehuda Sichel's Matzo Ball Soup

Zahav's Hummus

Marc Vetri's Tagliatelle with Wild Mushrooms

Vernick's Pea Butter And Bacon Toast

Edamame Dumplings

4. Have at At home date night!   

20 Romantic At-Home Date Night Ideas For Everyone

Tacos & Tequila Night

Take your time + make your favorites from scratch -- Sushi, Gnocchi, Ice Cream Start a New Show

5. Read a Book / Listen to a Podcast  

  • Crushing It by Gary V.  - my fave inspirational entrepreneur book right now it truly is so amazing.  I bought the audio book which I highly recommend because he talks and he also has examples from people who read his original book crush it in 2009 and how they implemented his ideas and are now - crushing it.  So good.  

  • I also just read this book called Never Split the Difference - by Chris Voss / he’s a former FBI negotiator and he’s such a bad ass.  He shares stories about how he has negotiated with criminals who were holding hostages and how he was able to calm them down and ultimately give them what he wanted.  It’s a pretty cool book.  I did this one as an audio book too.  

  • If you are into spiritual books - I LOVE LOVE Michael Singer’s book - Unteathered Soul.  Someone had given me that book as a gift several years ago and I never read it, I just stuck it on a shelf.  And then a few years later - I had given myself frozen shoulder and was going through some emotional stuff that was stressing me out.  My PT recommended this book to me and I immediately went to download it to my phone - as soon as I did I recognized the cover.  Isn’t that crazy?  Sometimes the answers to what you are looking for are right in front of you, and you just weren’t ready to see them yet.  So needless to say, I read the book and it was so amazing.  It helped me change my perspective on things and has truly helped me get past a lot of things that I was struggling with and having anxiety over.  So highly recommend that book.  It’s so easy to read.  

  • If you have grade school kids - one of my favorite books for a 3rd-5th grader is called Because of Mr. Terupt.  OH my gosh my son and I read this when he was that age and it was incredible.  It’s from a kids point of view of their teacher and how they grow to love him and each kid has a different perspective and each chapter is read from a different kid.  Anyhow they grow and change through the school year all thanks to Mr. Terupt.  LOVE LOVE this book.  

  • If you have kindergarteners or 1st graders I’m sure you’ve heard of this series but it’s the Junie B. Jones series.  Barbara Park is such an amazing author - she wrote so many prized books but this series is a must if you have preschool or kindergarteners, especially girls, but I read it to my younger son because I had all the books and they were so hilarious.  It really started a love for reading chapter books with my kids.  So go get those.  

  • The New York Times Best Sellers

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  • Elle's Best Books Of 2020 (So Far)

6. Start Spring Home Maintenance

10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

The Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

15 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

  1. window cleaning 

  2. gutter cleaning 

  3. peeling paint 

  4. check for water leaks around home 

  5. yard clean up 

  6. check irrigation 

  7. service AC units and HVAC units / change filters

  8. check  your smoke alarm / carbon monoxide detectors 

7. Brainstorm Idea's for Home Improvement Projects

New Kitchen Trends

Houzz Compact Patio Ideas

Boost Curb Appeal With Shutters

Add Seasonal Planters and Window Boxes

8. Workout at Home 

How to Start an At-Home Yoga Practice

Sweat with Kayla

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Peloton or Mirror


weight training with body weight / push ups, lunges, squats etc. 

9. Go for a walk 

In your neighborhood or on a trail.

Best Walking Trails in San Diego

10. Get Rest & Strengthen your immune system

7 Mistakes That Can Weaken Your Immune System (and How to Fix Them)

Coronavirus Resource Center

Facts (and Myths) About Boosting Your Immune System

Rest really is so important!  I think that it some ways me getting sick last month was because I wasn’t getting enough rest.  I was working like a mad woman all the time, staying up late and getting up early doing a zillion different things.  And then I got the flu and couldn’t do anything but rest.  So now, I’m a little more aware of how important that is.  Make sure you are taking some vitamins too.  They need to be a high quality vitamin that will absorb into your system or it’s a waste of money.   I never really thought vitamins were that necessary either because I try to eat pretty healthy, but I’m finding out that it’s not the case.  I have deficiencies that could be affecting my health so I need to take better care of myself by eating healthy - fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water AND taking my vitamins.  

My good friend Monica is a health coach and she has a great program called Right from the Start.  She’s helping families with a simple 3 step process to get into better habits living a healthier lifestyle.  If you are stressed out with your kids at home or even just looking for healthy tips that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle - she’s my go to.  I think I’m going to have to have her back on the show to talk about this with you guys.  But go check her out at  She’s a GREAT resource to have and provides so much free valuable education and insight - I highly recommend you checking her out.  Her instagram is @calibrateyourwellness.  

So If you have been listening to this podcast, first of all thank you so much!  but you know that i’m so passionate about creating a healthy home and one thing that is really concerning me these days is how everyone is flocking to stores to buy bleach to clean their homes and help get rid of this virus.  Bleach is hugely toxic and terrible for our endocrine systems.  It is one of the most toxic chemicals yet we use it and get it on our skin and breathe in the vapors and have convinced ourselves that the bleach smell is a clean smell.  I created a website called  There’s a video on there that is very educational that I’d love for you to take a few minutes to watch.  If you have family members suffering from asthma, headaches, depression, weight gain, allergies, auto-immune disorders or even cancer please take a moment to watch the video.  It’s so important for you to get those chemicals out of your home.  And I’m not here to just scare you but to let you know that it’s not something to brush under the carpet and say we’ve been using this stuff for years.  We have been hurting ourselves for years is the truth.  Longterm exposure to this stuff causes serious damage to our health.  In fact I shared this on another podcast episode, but there was a 20 year lung study done by a university in Germany I believe that followed over 6000 women for 20 years.  They said those women who cleaned their homes with bleach and ammonia just once a week had as much lung damage as those women who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years!  What?!  That is unbelievable.  I met a woman who’s mom was a house cleaner and she had died from lung cancer without ever smoking a day in her life, and now that makes sense to me.  And so here we are running to the stores to buy bleach.  I”m here to tell you there is an alternative.  

I belong to a shopping club that is so much better than Costco and is just as convenient as Amazon.  It’s a  USA eco friendly products manufacturer that ships to your home with wholesale pricing. So, because I care so much about finding ways to create a healthier home environment, I’m here to show families how they can shop for healthier products that are you are already buying.  It’s such an amazing blessing to be able to shop from a store that has higher quality products made from safer ingredients that aren’t toxic to us or the environment, AND the best part is that shopping from this store actually saves us time and money!  I feel like it’s the best kept secret and love helping families convert their homes to safer products. 

Now more than ever, families are insisting on high quality products that WORK, Lord knows I’ve bought eco friendly products that don’t work - who needs those?  So they need to be more effective, but they also need to be affordable.  In this time of grocery store chaos and price gouging going on - it’s nice to be able to help families reduce their expenses and have products delivered to their home.  So that’s my info on that.  I don’t want to turn this into a sales pitch at all, but I do feel that especially now, when families are running to the grocery store to buy bleach and other toxic products that actually are hurting our immune system!  That I need to just speak up and let you know there is an alternative that is better, safer for you and your family, more effective and just as affordable if not more affordable that what you are already buying.  So if this speaks to you, please feel free to go, watch the video and you can qualify for $100 in free products.  

OK just to recap - the top 10 things to do while you are social distancing: 

  1. have a family game night 

  2. spring clean 

  3. try new recipes 

  4. at home date night 

  5. read a book / listen to a podcast 

  6. start spring home maintenance

  7. plan for home improvements 

  8. workout at home 

  9. go for a walk 

  10. get rest and strengthen your immune system 

I hope some of these things inspire you to have fun and also to get some stuff done around your home that need to get done anyway.  Now you have time to do them! Thanks so much for tuning in and listening today!  I appreciate you so much.  Take care and Stay Healthy my friends!