Staging 101 Tip #2 – DeClutter

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Hi Everybody! I’m Sheila and this is Staging 101

Today’s tip is to DeClutter

Now that might be obvious –and you might be saying, Sheila, that’s the reason we are moving! Our house is too small!! Well, you certainly don’t want buyers to think that your house is too small for them!

A little work storing items BEFORE you move will save you time AND money!

It saves you time because you’re moving anyway so you’re basically prepacking items you don’t use all the time, and you’ll save money by selling your house quicker! So who doesn’t want that?!

Ok so where do you start? I’d say let's start in the kitchen.

Are your kitchen countertops empty or full of stuff? Pack the items away you aren’t using all the time so that your small appliances and other items that you use everyday can be stored inside your cabinets. Pantry a mess? Take some time to clean it out and organize it.

Next, closets…. Remove your seasonal items to make more space. You don’t want your closet to be unorganized or jammed packed. Consider a organizer system like California Closets – those systems allow you to utilize every square inch of your closet and will add value to your home! Everyone loves an organized closet!

Next, kids toys and bedrooms – If you have kids, I get it. I have three myself and when they were little we had plastic toys EVERYWHERE. Have them pick one or two favorites to keep in their rooms while the house is on the market. Pack the rest away. Pick up items on the floor – you want to show buyers you have loads of floor-space. YOU may be able to see the potential of your beautiful living room through the bouncy and the baby swing or plastic slide, but believe me, most buyers can’t and they will be talking about how that wont’ work for them rather than how your home WILL work perfect for them!

Bottom line – De cluttering will save you time and money, make your home feel clean and spacious – ultimately having more potential buyers wanting your home! That will mean more money in your pocket!

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I’ll be next week for another staging tip!

Bye for now!