Show Notes S2E6: Expand your life in the areas of Education, Career and Finances

Welcome to blooming! A Healthy home by design! I appreciate you tuning in today! In this weeks episode we are finishing up series 2 which is about personal development or personal growth. We’ve talked about these areas of our life and how they are each important to overall being and then we also discuss how our home environment can support those areas of our lives. So we’ve already covered, Creativity, Self Expression, Spirituality, and exploration. If you are new here today, please go back and check those out! They are definitely worth listening to! And Season 1 has a whole host of episodes that help you create a healthy home. Today we will talk about education, career and finances. How does your home support those areas? Well, stay tuned to find out! It’s gonna be a good one! Let’s Grow

Welcome back and thank you again for taking the time to listen to this podcast! I know a lot of people out there are wondering why I’m talking about personal growth on a healthy home podcast!? Well, I just think there is so much more to a healthy home than energy efficiency water and air quality! I believe that our physical environment can either support or negatively impact our overall well being. A perfect example is color psychology which I talk about in episode 7. Colors can influence your mood and even your behavior! So wouldn’t you want to use that to your knowledge to your advantage? You can do that by purposefully using color psychology to influence the mood and behaviors you WANT to promote or grow in your own home! Now that’s using your home wisely! Now your home can actually be a tool to enhance your life rather than just a place to eat, and sleep.

So I like to look at our overall wellbeing as an energy wheel. Wherever you put your focus and energy, you will notice that area to grow! So if we pay attention and become aware to what areas are lacking in our lives, then it empowers us to know where to put our attention so that we can feel more balance and ultimately feel good. So I’ve called my energy wheel the Fresh Family Focus - Energy Wheel. There are 3 categories - Personal Development / Relationships / and Health all which contribute to total overall well being. Within each category are several areas. In personal Development or the Personal Growth category - it’s the largest as I have 7 areas in here. Creativity, Self Expression, Spirituality, Exploration, Education, Career and Finances. So Season 2 has been dedicated to Personal Growth and today we are wrapping up the category because I want to discuss the last 3 areas together: education, career, and finances. And then we will talk about how our home can support these areas.

No matter where you are in your life, if you are young just starting out your career or if you have had a career for many years, or maybe you are ready to switch careers, I think the biggest and most important question we can ask ourselves is: Am I feeling fulfilled in these 3 areas of my life - education, career, and finances. I want you to think about each word and on a scale of 1-10, if 1 is the worst and 10 is the best most fulfilled - you are inspired learning new things everyday, using your talents to your best ability, you are appreciated and the world shows you that by you being able to earn the income of your dreams, then those would each be 10s. If your rating was no where near 10s, just be reassured that you are not alone. I know that there are a whole lot of people out there that are working their butts off for a paycheck they love it or hate it but they don’t feel fulfilled, maybe it’s because you aren’t using your talents enough, maybe it’s because your are doing something you are good at, but not necessarily passionate about it, or maybe your are bored, overworked, or worse in a career that you hate and you can’t see a way out. If any of this is you, just know that you are the creator of your life! You can make decisions at any moment that can literally change the direction of where you are heading! Now that might seem super scary, but it can also be super empowering at the same time! So if you rated 10’s in all areas then by all means skip to the end so you can hear how your home can further support the success you have already created in your life! But for everyone else, this next step is so important. It’s the first most important thing you can do to start taking control of your future.

Ok so First - We need to get your mind right -what I mean by that is that you need to start paying attention. Stop doing things on autopilot and become aware of what you are doing at every moment. Just notice your daily patterns. Notice your mood at any given moment. Notice what your habits are. Notice what makes you feel good and what your emotional triggers are if you have any throughout the day. Just notice and start paying attention. Don’t judge yourself or even give yourself a bunch of commentary like reasoning why you are doing things - just notice what you are doing and you can even take notes so you become aware of your patterns. That’s the first step to any change: awareness. Then what I want you to do is to start spending 10-15 minutes getting really still and quiet so you can start asking yourself big questions in the area of education, career and finances, but you have to be really quiet so you can hear from your heart not your head. It sounds a little crazy, but that voice that is in your head that talks a mile a minute - that is your ego talking. It’s not your heart. Your heart is the small voice that you can only hear if you are very still. It’s your gut reaction, it’s your intuition, it’s your voice that you just know is the right voice to follow.

So, for example, If you are unsure what you should be doing with your life or how to share your unique talents to the world, get still and get quiet and really ask yourself what do you want out of life? At first all the. Material stuff might come out like a new car or a bigger house or more money but I encourage you to dig deeper, what is it about those things that are important to you? Why do you want those things? Do you want a convertible car because you are looking for a sense of freedom and it feels youthful to you? Do you want to live near the beach or the mountains because you want to feel connected to nature? Do you want a boat because you love to fish and bring out on the water is a calming peaceful place for you? Your deepest desires aren’t selfish they are actually signals that if you listen will lead you on a path to creating a life that feels fulfilling and inspiring every day. And if you start to become aware of your actions and then you are listening to your heart, you will know what areas are out of alignment and which areas you will need to start focusing on. Because a fact of law in that everything you focus on expands. If you focus on the negative or all the problems you have or how everything sucks - guess what, you grow that. You’ll begin to notice how there are more problems or more stuff to complain about. But what if you did the opposite? What if in every single situation, you took that moment to be thankful for something or to look at the bright side. Your house burns down - you could say, thank God we have insurance! Or thank God we all made it out safe! You lose your job, look at it like its an opportunity for you to start pursing what you REALLY want to do with your life. When you begin to do this, you will start to notice that you have even more things to be thankful for! Your life will begin to expand in a positive way. Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it! Here’s an example - let’s say you are in the market to buy a new car. And you’ve selected a new white jeep wrangler. The minute you do this, you will start to notice all the jeep wranglers out there - especially the white ones! Do you think that all of a sudden there are more jeep wranglers on the streets? No, you just notice them now. If you are newly pregnant or newly engaged, guess what? all of a sudden you’ll notice the radio ads and tv commercials related to pregnancy and getting married. All of a sudden everyone you see on the street is pregnant or has babies! It’s seems so strange! But all it is, is that you are aware of pregnant women now. You are aware of married couples now. So, once you set an intention to start becoming aware of your habits and ask yourself big questions like what you want out of life, you will start to notice how things that can help you reach your goals just start appearing for you in your life. If you are struggling with your purpose right now I would encourage you to go check out my absolute favorite meditation series - by Oprah & Deepak Chopra - it’s called Desire and Destiny. They have a bunch of different 21 day meditation challenges to choose from and they were game changers for me in my life so I couldn’t recommend them more. And I don’t currently have any affiliation with any of these recommendations I’m giving you, I just know they have worked for me so maybe try will help you.

So once you have the right mindset go look up growth mindset vs fixed mindset..and you are beginning to understand what your deepest desires are you can use that info to start looking at the areas of education, career and finances with perhaps a new lens. And why is this important for our health? Well, think about this for a second: you could be a physical trainer and have the absolute best body and be eating the cleanest food that fuels you every day, but if you struggle in your finances month to month or if you work for an employer who doesn’t value you or you just are so stressed being there or there is too much negativity around you, well no amount of green juice, kale or exercise is going to fix that situation. And when you allow any of these areas to become toxic you are not going to feel well overall. Studies after studies for decades have shown that high levels of cortisol the stress hormone can actually manifest into physical health conditions. So it is so important for you to using tools like meditation, breath work, yoga, anything that will help you relax and get your subconscious mind out of that flight or fight mode. I recently did an episode on hypnosis that was super interesting so go check that out if you like it’s a good one.

Education is an area of personal growth too that is important because I do feel that we all have a desire to learn. I heard the best quote from James Wedmore who dies the mind your business podcast - he says life is a school and you are continually learning all your life. And so if you can just take that learning mindset and approach everything in your life with - what can I learn from this situation? That it’s going to literally propel your life forward and get you unstuck from any ongoing cycle that keeps repeating in your life. Because let’s face it, we are all where we are in this very moment because of choices we have made. And if you are thinking that is total BS because a lot of bad stuff has happened to you that you can’t control, let me just say this. In every single situation in life there are different perspective or approaches you can take that will influence your decisions regarding what to do about the situation. And when you choose to blame others or not even look at the possibility of what you could have done differently, you are making your self a victim. And believe me that is so much easier to blame others! But until you change that mindset and start asking yourself what can I learn from this situation, how can I move past this or help others who are in this same might just find yourself repeating the same situations over and over again. Think about any terrible situation - I’m sure there is somebody else in the world who has had a similar situation happen to them. Yet these two people can react so differently that one can stay swallowed and enveloped in the negativity and can never break free while someone else uses that same situation and it literally is the catalyst that changes their life for the better. One of my dearest closest friends has just had breast cancer this past year and she’s still in her mid 40s she’s very active and leads a pretty healthy lifestyle. She is very active in her community she helps at church and at her kids school, she is basically loved by so many because she always has such an amazing positive and helpful attitude. Why the heck does she deserve to get breast cancer?! She could have wallowed in self pity or become angry at life or become fearful of death any of which would had not helped her body heal and would have made the last year she had to endure infinitely worse for her and the people around her. She chose to be positive about it. She chose to not ask why but to just accept that she’s in this place for a reason and to try and make the best of it. She wrote in an online journal each week of her chemo and expressed gratitude of the help of her family and her amazing husband and kids - her amazing community that she had contributed so much to had all stepped up to help her now. Even as her hair fell out she continued to share her feelings and to be thankful for all the love and support around her. The strength if that woman is so friggin inspiring and I just know in my heart that her story is going to help others. She has a gift for writing because she is so real and it’s just uplifting. So I’m encouraging her to take her journal entries and create a book because I know in my heart that her story will uplift others that find themselves in similar situations. And I’m so happy to say she is cancer free right now!!

So life is a school.

Education can also literally mean formally or informally educating yourself on something you want to learn. I love learning and so that’s why I’m continuously learning from podcasts and online courses and formal courses through my work, just to enhance my skills so I can better serve. Learning fuels my soul and inspires me each day so I’d encourage you to think of it like that and if you are feeling stuck or flat in that area of your life, try to learn something new, a hobby or a new side hustle or anything that speaks to you.

With the areas of career and finances I would also encourage you to think about what you can learn from the current situations you are in. Ask yourself what you are searching for, if you could be doing anything in this world and get paid for it, what would it be? Because as a newer realtor let’s face it, it’s a really hard business to break into, especially in my area where homes can be on the market for 6 months to a year or more. It can be feast or famine until you really start to make a name for yourself. So I get it, but if real estate is your passion, maybe there are resources out there that can help you move your business forward. If you are a realtor you might have heard of Tom ferry he’s the absolute best at inspiring you to grow. Go check him out. But maybe there are ways you can bring all your passions together so that you have a unique offering that attracts others to you. That is the key my friends. Stop chasing and start attracting. You attract by fingering out what you stand for and what your beliefs are and voicing that. Start teaching people what you know best and tell them why and how you learned that or how it made a difference for you. You will be so amazed as you start attracting your ideal clients. Whatever your career is, it’s so important for you to network. Meet others in person and talk! As you meet them you are building real relationships and talk about your career goals with your new friends. You will be surprised because you are going to meet just the right people that will help lead you to where you want to go! And for finances, you also need to be aware of what they are. You need to know what you are spending money on and pay attention to where it all goes. When you begin to do that, you can make better decisions for what is important and what is not. But believe that this is an abundant world. Know that once you start having faith that things will work out and you take those action steps towards your goals, your finances will improve. It doesn’t mean that you can go spend money on whatever you want and have faith you can pay the bills at the end of the month! It means, become aware, start saying no to the things that don’t help you reach your goals and say yes to things that do. Take action steps towards reaching your goals, whether its taking a class, or reading a book, or getting a mentor or coach that can help you, but take those action steps and you will start designing your life.

I’m going to put a great article I found from that talks about 20 ways to take control of your finances.

Ok - so how can your home support education, career and finances?

For me -the number one thing is to set up a routine. If exercise is important to you, work that into your routine. Put everything on your calendar and follow it. Schedule all the big stuff - including your quiet time. If you need to have a giant computer screen so that your calendar is giant on it - or print it out and hang it up, just make sure that you look at it all the time so you know that you are doing things every single day that are helping you reach your goals.

1. Pick a place in your home for your quiet time - listen to season 2 episode 3 - we talk with Kelsey about hypnosis and also describe how to create the perfect meditation space in your home. it’s also in S2Ep1 as well.

2. Pick a place in your home for working - whether it’s homework, school work, projects, work from the office - make sure it’s clutter free, and organized. A deep blue is a great color to have in your study or office because it sparks your imagination and relates to integrity and peace. Check out episode 7 for more info on color psychology.

3. Limit your tv watching, listen to a podcast or read a book instead. Do something that moves you further towards your goals during your free time - instead of something that is purely entertainment. Of course everyone needs down time too, but if you are reading or listening to things that speak to you or spark your imagination you could be inspired and it could be just the inspiration you are looking for to help you along your path.

4. I’ve said this before but put up a vision board of your dreams and goals in your home. somewhere you can see it everyday so that you start to become aware of what it is that you are doing each day to reach those goals.

Ok so just to recap - Life is a school and we are going to start learning from every situation of life. We are going to start becoming aware of our habits and daily actions so that we can start noticing what’s not serving us. We are going to start getting quiet and asking ourselves - what do I want? what should I be doing with my life? what are my talents? How can I use those and serve others at the same time?

Then we are going to set up a daily routine filled with the things that move you forward.

we are going to declutter and clean the office, put up a vision board and use color psychology to influence mood and spark creativity

we are going to limit TV watching, start listening to podcasts or read books that inspire us.

If you do these simple things, holy cow! just wait to see the changes and huge growth that will begin to manifest in your life!

This year I’ve had huge growth! I’ve found a way to merge all my passions together, some said it was crazy to attempt it because I’m all over the place but it’s all come together and I’m so super excited and inspired every day. Merging real estate design and health together? Well I’m doing it! Ive created a way to have several streams of income that allow me to do what I love and live a life completely by design. I’m helping others by promoting their businesses and also providing them tools to do the same. Now is the best time to learn to scale your business so you can stop working harder and longer for that larger paycheck. If you want to learn more or if you are in the healthy living space and want to be a guest on this show, send me an email and we can talk.. I’m living the dream right now the feedback I receive each and every day is what fuels me. So thank you so much for listening and sending me messages. I appreciate them so much and would love to get to know you and see how I can help you.

Thank you soo soo much for listing to this episode of Blooming! I truly appreciate that you’ve taken the time to hear me ramble on and on. I love inspiring others to follow their dreams and so this episode was a really fun one for me to do. I hope you have an amazing week! I had the flu all last week and so I completely missed posting last week! But I’m all better now and I”m so thankful that I was able to rest and that my awesome husband was able to take care of me! Ok so until next week! Take care!!