Show Notes: Organizing Your Home! Why, What and How to Begin with Special Guest: Angie's Organizing

These are the show notes from Blooming! A Healthy Home by Design episode 15.

Welcome to blooming! Today I’m super excited because we have a special guest who is an organizing specialist! If you are feeling a little chaotic in your home or organizing makes you feel stressed because you aren’t sure where to start, tune in to this episode! Because we are going to answer some great questions like:

-Why is organizing important?

-What are some problems people have with organizing?

-What are things people can do on their own?

-Ideas how to start tackling organizing projects and

-When to call for help?

Thanks so much for tuning in today! I’m excited because we have my new friend Angie Wegener on the show and she is a professional organizer! What?! They actually have professionals that can come and help you get organized?! So for those of you who struggle a bit in this area, it’s great that you are here today! I like to consider myself an organized person, but honestly if I’m being real, it’s hard for me to stay organized all the time. I’ll get organized and then life happens and I easily become disorganized and it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming to get organized again. So on this podcast I like to talk about ways our home can support our overall well-being and this is a super easy way that can make a huge positive impact on you and your family day to day. In fact Angie started her business because she always loved to organize and wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives. And now she gets to do that every day!

Please listen to the full episode to hear the interview with Angie. Here's the recap of what she said. Organizing your space especially the rooms you spend the most time in and the rooms you see when you first enter your home creates a sense of calm and peace for you and your family. imagine what it’s like to come into a home that is messy and disorganized. now imagine walking into a nice clean mud room or entry where there is a space for coats, shoes, backpacks and your purse! Having clean organized spaces allows you to relax when you walk in the door. And that’s what you want when you come home after a long day!

So the very first thing to do is to pick a drawer or a small space and declutter. Get rid of the duplicates and the stuff you don’t use or need. If you are feeling overwhelmed, starting small like drawer by drawer is a good way to begin. You’ll feel so great when you complete each small project it will motivate you to continue! An easy tip Angie gave us was to put things away as you use them, so you don’t accumulate a large mess that feels like too much to tackle. And take time to declutter! That means remember to throw out the items in the fridge that are going bad, throw out the old food in the pantry, get rid of clothes you never wear, donate kids clothes that they’ve outgrown, you get the idea. Picking a day each week where you spend 30 minutes looking for trash or things you can get rid of will also help you become aware! Aware of what you are maybe throwing out all the time - if you are buying too much of something and and notice that each week you are not eating certain things or throwing them out because they have gone bad, veggies, fruit, snacks, etc. Becoming aware helps you because you can begin to take control of how you buy and you can begin to simplify your life a bit. I think that is what Angie meant when she said organizing will save you time and money. Of course it saves you time because everything has it’s place and you won’t need to spend an hour hunting for spare batteries or lightbulbs.

If you are reluctant to let things go, a great way to start decluttering is to put things in a box and put a date on the box. If you don’t use anything in the box for 6 months then you know you really don’t need any of it. Rotating kids toys is another good idea too! Getting rid of sentimental items can be the most difficult thing to do. Angie suggested that you can make things out of keepsakes. Project Repeat makes quilts out of old clothes and there are also jewelry makers that can create one of a kind jewelry pieces from your little keepsakes. Artchive is a company that will photograph your art and put them into a coffee table photo book. A memory box is a great way to keep your most special keepsakes over the years.

So these are great things you can do on your own, but if you are feeling overwhelmed and want a little help getting started, please do give Angie a call she can help you out! You can find her in instagram @angiesorganizing and on FaceBook and her website

Angie also does a lot of work for clients who are getting ready to sell their homes!  That can be a huge undertaking because if you are like most people, they only move every 5, 10 or 15 years. and you can accumulate a heck of a lot of stuff int hat amount of time!  So she helps folks get started.  I have created a an awesome booklet on my website that is called preparing your home for sale - so if that’s something you are thinking of doing int he next 6 months to a year, be sure to download that booklet it’s completely free and has a lot of great info in there to help you get started making your house look fantastic so you can attract the perfect buyers, sell your home faster and for more money!  You can find that on my website at and it’s called preparing your home for sale. So be sure to go grab that, it’s totally free and i don’t even ask you for your email - you just click and download it!   OK thanks so much for tuning in today!