Show Notes from S2:E5 Create the Life you Want by Nurturing the Explorer in You

Welcome to Blooming!  A Healthy Home by Design - I appreciate you stopping by!  And today you are in for a treat because I have some great info to share with you!  First I want to get back to season 2 and continue talking about Personal Growth and how that area of our lives is essential for overall wellbeing.  We touched on creativity, spirituality, self expression which are all areas of personal growth!  Today we’ll talk about exploration and how exploring new things can enhance our lives.  And then I have a special interview to share - Selena O Conner owns an olive oil and balsamic shop in Calabasas! She talks about olive oil, the health benefits and how we can ensure that we are buying olive oil that actually is good for us - because apparently they aren’t all the same.  So I invite you to come do a little exploring today - and hopefully you will learn something new that you can incorporate into your life that will benefit you and your family.  OK - let’s grow!

Hey there welcome!  I’m so thankful that you are here listening to my podcast!  I love to talk about ways that our home can support our health and also  just ways for us to lead healthier more fulfilling lives, because when we are feeling that our lives are full, we are happier, more patient and kind, we are able to give more and so we create a ripple  effect that is going to change the world for the better and it really does all start at home.  It starts by learning AND then also incorporating what we learn into our lives.  So that’s why exploration is so important to overall well being.  It’s an area of personal growth that is the key to making change happen and if we nurture this area of our lives you can be sure that you will be creating the life you want for you and your family.  So it’s so important!

We all have a deep desire to explore things and to learn new things, and to me the difference between exploration and education would be that not only are you learning but you are experiencing too.   So traveling allows you to learn about places, but you also get to experience the people, the culture, the food so you can see how that is so different from just learning about the area from a book.  But exploration isn’t limited to just traveling - or big trips - you can experience things in your city or even in your neighborhood.  If you enjoy hiking, every time that you find a new trail to hike, you are fueling the explorer in you!  Every time  you try a new restaurant or new foods you are fueling that area of your life.  So remember to do that often, think of ways you can discuss with your family.  Ask everyone what they want to explore this year, it could be recipes to try or places to visit, plays to see, concerts to attend, athletic events.  You get the idea, but by discussing this as a family, you are setting an important stage for  you children to learn that we all have different desires and we can share those with the ones we love and learn and experience together!

So your home can support you in this area pretty easily,  if travel is important to you, you can put up a map in your office or bedroom or closet or something with pins of all the places you’ve been.  There’s actually an app called BEEN that you can download that does the same thing.  But what if you can’t travel all the time, does it mean that you can’t explore things?  NO!  OF course not.  You can create a VISION board that has pictures of all the things you want to experience this year.  Put them on a board and hang it up where you can see it on a daily basis.  It will remind you what is important to you and when you see it every day, you are going to make that happen in your life.  Maybe your board is of all the foods you want to try.  Maybe in the kitchen you have a pinboard where each family member picks a recipe one a month or one a week and puts it on the board and then the person who selects the item gets to be the guest cook and helps mom or dad cook the meal for the rest of the family and then everyone else helps to clean up after.  Incorporating these sort of practices into your family life especially when the kids are young and in preschool or grade school will set you up for having the most awesome family bonds.  Because as the kids get older it becomes so much more difficult because everyone has different schedules but if you have family dinner as an established tradition of sorts, they will come to love meal times and trying new things.

Ok as we are talking about exploring new foods, I’m super excited to share with you an interview I recently had with my friend Selena O Conner.  She has an olive oil and balsamic store in Calabasas which is in LA County.  I met her because we both share a love for health and wellness and she was sharing with me so much about olive oil that I felt I needed to share with my listeners!!  Because I think everyone i know uses olive oil these days, but apparently they aren’t all the same, in fact many brands we find in grocery stores are lacking in nutrients, have been on shelves for many months and could even be rancid.  So, I thought it was fitting to bring her on today’s episode so we can explore and learn more about olive oil!   But remember you’ll have to go and experience this too!   You can find her at

A little bit more about Selena:

She grew up in Berkeley, home to the California’s healthy gourmet food movement. Her mother had been working for ten years with their olive oil supplier, which is a 90-year old family-owned Bay Area business. After college, she relocated to Los Angeles and grew to love the West Valley – its Mediterranean landscape and climate.

With a well-educated, family-oriented community, and an appreciation for health and good taste, it seemed to be a perfect setting for a gourmet oil & vinegar tasting room and boutique. She loved the idea of running my own shop after working in restaurants since high school. As a new mom and business owner, these fresh olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars have made cooking for her family so much easier. They add so much flavor as well as health benefits that many people are unaware of and she's able educate and share that with everyone who walks in to Olive Alchemy. With a degree from the University of Miami in Florida in Business Marketing and five years spent in food service, she's combining my education and experience with food and work. She love sharing her passion for a healthy lifestyle with the community.

So you can see why I liked her immediately! To hear the full interview, listen here!

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