Show Notes for S2E3: Unlock your subconscious mind to create the life you want for your family.

I'm so excited about this episode because I have an awesome guest for today’s show. We’re going to discuss hypnotism and how you can unlock your subconscious mind to search deep within to find your purpose and ultimately create the life you want for you and your family.   

Her name is- Kelsey Padigos.  She’s a certified hypnotist in the San Diego area and she explains what hypnotism is and how we can use it to stop the mental chatter or shift the things that block us from moving forward in our lives!  She gives us practical steps we can take to foster the very best mindset for ourselves and our children to be self confident and live our best lives.  So this a great episode!! Be sure to check out the full audio podcast. It's a great one!

I’m so glad Kelsey came to share with us a little bit about hypnotism.  It actually seems like pretty powerful stuff!  So just to recap.  We learned that hypnosis is really like being in a trans state much like when you are driving on autopilot.  So you aren’t sleeping or completely unaware of what’s going on.  In fact she did say that you have to be open to the process not guarded if you want it to work.  She also said that you can use hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind since it’s that part of our brain that is driving 95% of our actions!  

So if you want more control over your life, if you feel that there are habits you want to break, or limiting beliefs you have that you are ready to let go of, or if you just want to take charge of your life, maybe hypnosis is something you should look into!  I love how she said that kids brains are soaking in information constantly and that the first 7 years of life are so critical to the development of their self image, their outlook on life and their mindset on how they should solve problems and even interact with people throughout their lives.  So it’s an amazing opportunity if you have young children to really set them up to be self confident individuals who believe in themselves and their own creative expression.  

We also touched on how de cluttering your space, even starting with your purse, is something you can do that will help you feel more free and open to start bringing new information and create more calm and peace around you.  If you aren’t sure where to start decluttering, once you’ve done your purse, I would start in your bedroom.  It’s a great place to mediate and to use self hypnosis if you are trying to fall asleep or even first thing in the morning as a way to be grateful and start your day off right.  And seeing clutter and junk everywhere bring about stress - it’s hard not to think of all the tasks you have to do when it’s messy all the time.  So start by having a clean room that feels good to be in.  Surround yourself with pretty and comfortable bedding and pillows.  Create a haven or sanctuary in your own room by using calming colors and artwork in your room.  

I did a podcast episode on color psychology and how you create more CALM in your home, season 1 episode #5 and #7 so go listen to those if you haven’t done that already.  For your kids, create a reading nook or space in their room that can be their quiet corner or their meditation space.  They can use their beds if they like also, but it might be fun for them to know that there is a special place for them to sit with their thoughts and be quiet and just listen.  I really wish I had thought of this when my kids were little because they would be open to hearing that!  Now that they are young adults I have to listen and wait for a time when they would want a suggestion like this, or maybe I can share how I AM meditating and how I’ve created a space in my room for that.  Anyhow, now that they are older THEY have to ready and open to want to learn about this, it won’t work if I’m just telling them they should do this. And this can be a struggle if you know you have information that can help someone and they just aren’t ready or willing to hear it!  But I have to believe if we lead by example and just work on ourselves that eventually when they see how we have changed and we are inspiring others and shining bright, they will come around too.  :) 

So I do hope that you found this episode helpful.  Studies have shown that the last week of January is when people fall off their new years resolutions and goals, so next week Kelsey will be launching a free self hypnosis script for confidence and self worth that will keep you moving forward in your life.  You can find her at or on facebook and instagram @kelseypadigos. She does individual and group programs so be sure to check her out.   Spirituality is just one area of our lives that no amount of exercise, kale, green juice or even celery juice is going to fix.  So take some time to think about this, let it soak and and you’ll know if this is an area that you need some work on!  Thanks so much for listening and I hope you have an amazing day!