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Organizational Hacks to Keep Your Pantry and Fridge Healthy

Show Notes from Blooming! A Healthy Home by Design Podcast S3 Ep.9

Danielle Keith is is here today, she’s a vegan food blogger, plant-based recipe developer and certified holistic health coach. She lives in Florida with her fiancé and loves cooking, taking long walks, organizing and all things health, wellness, business and food related. She is the Founder of HealthyGirl Kitchen, a vegan recipe blog, brand, and now podcast!

For recipes her website is, you can find her on Instagram + TikTok @healthygirlkitchen and her podcast is "The HealthyGirl Podcast". 

And I’m so excited to have her on this show today because we are going to dive into the biggest mistakes we make in our kitchens and how we can organize the pantry and fridge and the rest of the kitchen so that it supports healthier habits!   And she’s got some easy organizational hacks to help us do this!  

To listen to the full episode click here.

Recap: Eating healthy can be delicious too!   

Danielle mentioned that the Biggest mistakes:

  1. keeping food in the house that doesn’t support your goals.  If it’s in your house, it’s in your mouth!  Keep your environment aligned with what you are trying to achieve.  Frozen fruit can satisfy a sweet tooth at night that is much healthier than a pint of ice cream or a bag of chips.  Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry!  

  2. not making your kitchen functional - make sure your organization supports what you want to do.  So she gave the example of having a smoothie area so it’s super easy to make smoothies so she does it more often.    

How to organize your pantry:

  1. get bins for your pantry and group like items.  Like all your pasta boxes and bags in one bin.  Kids snacks bin, etc. and make sure they are labeled. 

  2. can dispensers or tiered shelves are a great way to organize cans 

  3. get clear glass containers for your spices and keep them on a tired shelf so you can see them or in a drawer.   

  4. put the things you want to eat most at eye level. 

  5. mason jars for bulk items are a great way to display those items so it encourages you to use them up. 

  6. If you have a drawer you can make it a snack drawer for protein bars and other small snacks. 

How to organize your fridge: Her favorite thing to do is to get clear plastic bins for the fridge!  To keep your items organized and allows you to keep some produce at eye level so you don’t forget what you have in the bottom drawers of your fridge.   I hope you enjoyed this interview with Danielle Keith from  Healthy Girl Kitchen!  Go check out her website because she really has some amazing recipes that you will love!  Even if you aren’t vegan I would encourage you to go check it out because she has so many great ideas and you can always add different protein and make them your own!  Danielle's favorite organizers are here.

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