North River Farms - A Holistic Community in Oceanside, CA

Show Notes for S3 Ep5 of Blooming a Healthy Home by Design

Welcome to Blooming!  I'm so excited for today's episode!  We have a special guest, Ninia Hammond, from North River Farms here today.  For those of you who haven't heard of North River Farms, it's a brand new wellness community that is being developed in Oceanside, CA.  It's just been approved by the Oceanside City Council in Nov 2019 and I'm can't wait for you to learn all about the project!   The Wellness Real state industry is actually already a $143Billion dollar global market and growing like crazy as the demand for healthier products is on the rise.   And now more than ever, consumers are becoming aware of toxins in our environment and they are realizing that our home and living situation plays a significant role in how we feel each day.  Forward thinking developers understand this and are bringing us a new way to look at our home and community.   A holistic approach to living and it's pretty amazing!  So stay tuned, this is going to be an episode you won't want to miss! So thanks so much for tuning in it’s going to be a great one!  Let’s grow!

North River Farms is an Agrihood where agriculture is at the heart of everything the community has to offer.   So if you are looking for a neighborhood where you can get back to basics in a walkable friendly environment designed to bring you education, arts, agriculture, local businesses, trails, entertainment and so much more you are really in for a treat!  And even if you don’t live near here,  wellness real Estate is growing all around us.   it’s a 143 billion dollar industry as of 2018 according to the global wellness institute and I anticipate it catching on fast.  Just wait until you hear what living in this community will be like!    I have special guest Ninia Hammond here from Integral Communities a developer in Encinitas and she’s going to share the design for this amazing new community.  Ninia Hammond is a seasoned real estate professional with over 20 years of expertise in commercial and residential entitlements, asset and construction management. Since joining Integral Communities in 2013, Ms. Hammond has been the Project Manager responsible for the entitlement of over 2,000 residential dwelling units, commercial, hotel and retail development. She is a wealth of knowledge and I’m so excited that she’s a guest on our show today!  

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