How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Whether you’re Face-timing with friends locally or setting up a Zoom meeting with family across the country, it's never been easier to connect over a drink (or two) with those you love the most! Here’s what you need to know about having a successful virtual happy hour.

1. Choose Your Platform

There are tons of platforms for video chats like Google Hangout, Skype, BlueJeans, and Zoom. Find which version works for the majority of your attendees.

You can also log on to the recently launched Viral Happy Hour website, The website offers a simple click-by-click way to create a virtual happy hour: Just pick the day, (the time is set for 5:19 p.m. to acknowledge COVID-19), and it sends out a Google Hangout invite to your friends.

2. Keep It Small

The more bodies the more voices. Try keeping the group size to about 8-10 so no one feels left out of the conversation. If more than 10 people are attending your virtual happy hour, consider appointing a moderator to help the conversation run smoothly.

3. Get Dressed Up (or Don't)

Connecting online is a good excuse to get out of those leisure clothes and shimmy into a snappy outfit, – but no pressure! Not feeling like dressing up? Have a pajama-themed HH instead!

4. Keep it Light and End on a High Note

During times of stress, it’s more important than ever to treat everyone with kindness and empathy. Ditch the drama and check in with each other. Catch up on what you’re reading, watching, or cooking.

Keep your happy hour short and sweet. Put an end time on your invitation, but as with any good conversation prepare for it to go over. Most importantly, be sure to make plans to do it again! 

Start the Party!