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Healthy Home Trends for 2020

Did you know that  Health and Wellness is not just a trend?  Every day more and more people are wanting to learn ways to become healthier for themselves and their families! According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy was a $4.5 trillion dollar market in 2018. wow i knew it was big - but that’s huge.The industry grew by 6.4 percent annually from 2015–2017, from a $3.7 trillion to a $4.2 trillion market, nearly twice as fast as global economic growth (3.6 percent annually, based on IMF data).Among the 10 wellness markets analyzed, revenue growth leaders from 2015–2017 (per annum) were the spa industry (9.8 percent), wellness tourism (6.5 percent) and wellness real estate (6.4 percent).

This makes me so happy because more and more people are searching for ways to incorporate wellness into their daily lives.  And the massive impact we can create just by working to better ourselves and our families is incredible!  When you take steps to help you and your family live better, feel better, let go of stress, find cleaner ways to fuel your body and your mind, and as we take steps to use less of our resources and save money at the same time, we are creating more comfort in our homes, and WE are essentially creating a ripple effect in the world for the better.  And as we go into 2020, wow we have a whole new decade ahead of us! so Let’s set an intention to make it a great one!   

In today’s episode we’ll cover some trends in Health and we’ll see how new home trends can support our overall health goals!

When most people talk about health home, they are talking about energy efficient homes.  And I think that is part of the equation but not the whole.  I feel that your home environment can actually support your overall health and wellbeing and so that what I hope to bring to you in this episode.  I’m hoping to inspire you to think of your home environment in new ways and even overall wellbeing as more than just diet and exercise.  

So first let’s talk about trends for 2020 in Health in general:

I believe you are going to hear the word WELLNESS a lot more in 2020.  

That’s because wellness covers so much more than physical health.  It’s also about your mental and spiritual health.   I believe those are just 3 of the 15 areas of our lives that I feel contribute to overall wellness. I won’t go into those 15 areas yet today because that is a whole series in of itself! But I am planning to do episodes in 2020 that will dive deeper into those areas if you are interested.   Recently, I read an article from CitiBank that talked about having financial wellness which is developing a healthy relationship with money and being able to work towards goals, achieving money related balance in your life! So that’s just another example of how wellness is going to be something that lots of business are going to try to tap into.  So get ready to hear more and more about creating wellness in ALL areas of your life in the coming year!  


Why is this happening?  I think It’s because we are in the information age and information is available in seconds right at our fingertips.  And while that isn’t a new thing, having the ability to look up any symptom or problem or challenge on our computers and answers will pop up pointing us in the right direction is something we’ve come accustom to.  And as new research in health and wellness arises we are becoming more aware.  More aware of the patterns and behaviors and habits in our lives, more aware of our lifestyle choices, more aware of food and where it comes from and how it’s grown, made or processed.  

Awareness is on the rise.

We want more data, more information, easy access. So you’ll see this in more and more products like:

  • wearables are increasing that are gathering more data - think fitbit, apple watch etc. They are able to tell you data that helps keep you motivated and helps you understand how your lifestyle choices, like how much movement you get during the day or sleep at night will affect how you feel during the day.  It’s pretty incredible how much personal data we have available to us by using these products.  And while these aren’t new products, there are new features that are coming out that allow your wearables to connect to your smart home devices as well to keep your life connected on the go.     

  • In health care there’s a shift towards using technology to enable prevention and primary care.   My insurance co. recently called me after I had taken my son to the ER.  They wanted me to know that there are a few cheaper alternatives readily available: one was a nurse hotline where a registered nurse can talk to you and give you some advice on what to do and when to come in to see a doctor.  It’s called Nurse24.  But there’s also a tel-a-doc line where you can can video conference a doctor and receive a prescription in under 10 minutes!  look up telehealth  and tel-a-doc to learn more, but that is so cool.  And I’m with Scripps Health in the San Diego area and they have an awesome patient portal where I can email my doctor directly, see my labs or test results and even schedule my appointments on line. It’s great, and it’s about time actually.  

  • You are going to see more wellness clubs and holistic medical practitioners and wellness groups that integrate wellbeing across several different practitioners creating a one stop shop for overall health.   IN NYC - they started one called The Well - it’s a spa like health club that features alternative medicine, fitness and meditation.  There are over 50 practitioners under one roof, doctors, health coaches, teachers, trainers and therapists working together to build personalized plans.  Blending western and eastern medicine and healing practices to create a holistic treatment plan that goes beyond what conventional medicine is willing or able to do to support health and well being.  This is incredible and I’m sure that more and more of these types of places will begin to open up across the country because it just makes sense.  Our bodies aren’t segmented.  Just because we have a symptom in our foot doesn’t mean that a podiatrist is the only doctor that will have answers.  The problem could likely be in our spine or maybe it’s neurological.  So I truly feel that functional holistic medicine is the health approach of the future.  

  • I also think that more and more more health foods and drinks will be found in non-health food places.  like convenience markets and movie theaters.  We’re already seeing fast food places carrying vegan options! That’s only going to increase.  

  • Plant based is the new buzzword - Everything from meals to skin care, you find that there is increased demand for more than natural, we want plant based ingredients.   I think that actually plant based is better, because it’s focusing on what we should be eating instead of what we are eliminating.  Because not everyone agrees and people can be really judgey about meat eating.  And honestly I’ve been a vegan for many years but I’m not currently although I do still stay away from diary and am only eating fish or turkey maybe once a week.  And through my own experience and because I’ve also trained as a health coach, what I’ve learned is that we are all different.  And what works for some, might not work for everyone.  So when you hear contradicting food theories - it’s not about whether that person is right or really knowledgeable or not, they are speaking to what has helped them, so they are simply sharing that experience hoping it will help other people.  And maybe it will work for you, and maybe it won’t.  The key is to just start to become AWARE of how foods affect your body.  Try new things and pay attention.  Try new things repeatedly for at least 3-6 months before you decide if it works or not.  And when you change your habits, it’s tough for the first couple of weeks!  You might me stuck in the bathroom a lot!  You might stink for a while too!  But don’t loose hope because even just getting rid of a lot of processed food in your diet will start to make a huge difference and there have been studies that show high intake of dairy, sugars and salt have an addictive quality about them, so when you reduce the amount or eliminate those items form your diet, get ready for some withdrawal.  It might feel worse before it gets better, but honestly do you  think that you can live your life a certain way for 30, 40, 50 years and then expect that 2 weeks of gluten free is going to fix everything?  Probably not.  or 2 weeks of green juice or even celery juice is that going to heal you?  Probably not either,  I believe it will do your body so much good but you’ll need to consistently have that every single morning for 1 -2 years!  I mean that’s what I believe to be true and I’m seeing it happen in my life right now.  So what do you think about that?   What are your thoughts about food and are you suffering from chronic illness or allergies or if not maybe just chronic tiredness or brain fog or migraine….these can be healed with food.  

Because I believe that food heals the body and that medicine covers up symptoms.  

So if you are really ill then by all means take your medicine.  But you should still strive to heal your body so you don’t have to take those medicines forever, because they all have side effects.   So who can you talk to about that if this is an issue for you?  Do you have any functional practitioners near you like we talked about earlier?   Or what about a nutritionist or health coach?  Start looking outside the normal doctor, I”m not suggesting they are bad or that you shouldn’t go see a regular physician.  I”m just saying that it’s a good idea to get second opinions and to learn as much as you can about what is available for health services near you.  And most importantly to become aware of your own body.  Because the bottom line is that its your health and your quality of life, no one else can figure that out for you. 

Back to trends:

  • You are going to see green juice stands and shops everywhere - it’s already happening but I expect it to grow even more in the coming year.    

  • Alternative milks taking over the once only dairy section and oat milks like oat yeah - are the latest I’ve noticed lately that might become a new staple at coffee shops because it has a dairy like creaminess and without a strong flavor like soy, coconut milk or even almond milk.    

  • My favorite is all the new plant based cheese that is available now. I think the demand for plant based cheese is on the rise because people are realizing that dairy is not as good for us as dairy farmers and marketers have led us to believe.  And remember when I mentioned above that cheese can be addictive?  Well, you are not alone if you have said - i can give up dairy, just not cheese.  I would say that there are a majority of people who feel that way.  Cheese is so addictive, that one doctor on USA Today has called it dairy crack, because the dairy proteins inside can act as mild opiates. Fragments of cheese protein, called casomorphins, attach to the same brain receptors as heroin and other narcotics. As a result, each bite of cheese produces a tiny hit of dopamine. Click this link so you can read further but Dr. Neal Barnard is the founder of the Physicians committee for Responsible medicine so it’s worth looking into.  Anyhow, what I love about cheese is the flavor and the texture and processes in fermenting nuts and different plants have advanced so now companies like Miyokos, Diaya and many more have wonderful flavored cheese alternatives that will liven up your regular recipes.  There’s even plant based cheese shops that have opened in California, Connecticut, NY, and Oregon.     But the bottom line is that if you are noticing symptoms of lactose intolerance like, bloating, diareahh, increased gas, costepation, asthma  HeadachesFatigueLoss of concentrationMuscle and joint painMouth ulcersProblems urinatingEczema, heartburn and acid reflux,  you may not be allergic, but those symptoms are your body’s way of telling you = please stop eating me! - so my hope is that you just start to pay attention.  If you are having symptoms, start to write them down and write down what you ate before to see if there is any correlation.  If you have been eating dairy your whole life you may have built up quite a bit of tolerance so the symptoms are severe, but over time maybe you are having unexplained complications or new symptoms.  So awareness is the first step and then start making adjustments and see how  you feel.  

OK so those are the health trends, what about HOME trends we’ll see in 2020

More smart technology in the home.  Smart technology has been out since the 90’s but it hasn’t really taken off until recent years because it was very expensive and difficult to access or even integrate with other smart features.  But in recent years, rapid convergence of tech that is part of our everyday life, mobile phones, tablets, downloadable apps, embedded sensors and wi-fi connectivity makes it widely available and at much lower costs making smart technologies affordable and usable!   Usable features like the ability to you to tell your lights to turn off or on if you have purchased lightbulbs with smart sensors in them.  So you don’t  need to install an expensive whole house lighting systems  anymore!  If you travel a lot this could be great because you can be anywhere and from your phone you can turn lights off and on -so it looks like you are home. 

Smart started with lighting, thermostats and home security systems but is now fully integrated into the home, you’ll see products integrating tv and music and even smart cooking and cleaning devices.  It’s because of this easy functionality, that i think smart features will and are now becoming expectations for new homes.  The cool thing is, that you don’t have to have a new home to have a smart home any longer!  It doesn’t require renovations or huge retrofits of your home to have smart lighting or comfort features.  And utilizing these features in your home also allows you to save money because you are using your energy more efficiently.  Saving money and increasing comfort. I’d say that’s directly going to help with stress so incorporating some of these new technologies is a healthy thing to do too!  

I also think that in 2020 you will see more people adopting Voice technologies to save time.  It’s just easier to say something than it is type it.  And amazon and google are investing huge, knowing that Voice is the future.   For example did you know that Amazon alexa - as we just talked about allows you to use your voice to turn things off an on in your home.  Super awesome because I hate getting out of bed at night when I feel like i left a light on.  As long as you have a smart lightbullb, you can control it with your voice.  So cool!     You can also  set up your morning and evening routines and Alexa will tell you what  you want to hear.  They are called flash briefings that you customize to what you want to know about in the morning.  You might want to know what the weather and the traffic is like when you wake up and then subscribe to another flash briefing that educates you on somehting.  THIS podcast for example is available on Alexa as a flash briefing!  Which it’s prob just my mom listening right now but that’s ok it still is totally cool!  I’m getting an Alexa for Christmas and I’ll be setting mine up too!  There are just so many amazing things the technology can do, I was against it at first because voice recognition in general has been a little frustrating for me in years past.  I remember shouting at my car several times when the voice recognition would get the name wrong on my call list. My husband’s name is Greg and I remember saying call Greg’s cell and a it would say calling mags cell.  my friend’s number.  so there were lots of times i had to shout at my car, But was years ago this tech has come so far and so I’m excited to try it out.   You might not be using it now, but believe me someday we all will, because it’s just going to make life so much easier!  And this is good for our health because it can reduce stress, we can sign up to listen to music, meditations, podcasts or audiobooks that support our wellbeing and listen anywhere from home.  so cool.  

Kitchen sensors are another thing you might notice for 2020. If you are in the market for a new refrigerator, you will see that they have models with fridge sensors that automatically order groceries to your home! Samsung has touch screen panels on front that can be integrated into your smart home system and LG has wifi enabled models as well and they start around $2700  pretty cool.  Click on the video above if you haven't already. It's pretty incredible how they have created a new functional way for the fridge to be the hub of your home!  

Here’s a crazy one that I don’t think is a trend but it’s an incredible innovation.  I’m just not sure if it will take off in 2020, but maybe in the future sometime?.  My son thinks it’s cool because he’s not a cook and he think it’s really futuristic.  Basically moley robotics has a robot chef mimics iron chef -real chefs have used AI and VR technologies to create robotic arms that cook for you, and it even cleans up for you afterwards!   Click above to see the video. It’s really cool to watch and your kids will think it’s super cool.  Moley Robotics had top chefs come cook their recipes and used VR to teach the robots how they move their hands to make the dishes. So from a touch screen you could order a dish and essentially have a famous chef cook you dinner!   It’s pretty interesting.   Bottom Line So just to recap - in the coming new year, you are going to hear a lot more people using the term wellness.  And it’s your job to start to pay attention and become aware of which opportunities for better health are going to be best for you.  Is it going to be by wearing smart watches or downloading accountability apps?  Or will it save you lots of time by using Nurse24 or TelaDoc when you need help from a physician?  Or will you search for a functional or holistic wellness club in your area?  If that’s not an option are you open to alternative eastern medicine practices? Like yoga, reiki, functional chiropractic care, acupuncture, even hypnosis?  So much of this alternative medicine involves having an open mindset and understanding how powerful your mind is in your body’s ability to heal.  So I would encourage you to learn more and not judge, because what if  it could help?  Do you think you will start drinking more green juices or trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet?  Are you open to trying alternative milks? or cheese? What about smart home technology - is it something you’ve ever considered?  I would encourage you to learn more and just become aware of all he many products that are available to help you live better, feel better and live more comfortably.     Wishing you an amazing and prosperous 2020.  Wishing all the best for you and your family.  I’m so proud of you for being open to find ways to better your health and your families overall wellbeing.  You are helping to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world!  Together we will make the world a healthier place, one home at a time.

Thanks again and Happy New Year! 

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