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Updated: Jan 12, 2020

In this episode I want to talk about 3 PRODUCTS we can purchase that support a healthy lifestyle in our homes.  And I’m letting the cat out of the bag a little bit - but I’m also manifesting right now - because my dream is to someday work with a developer who builds homes and neighborhoods to focus on family wellness and to bring healthier homes to everyone. 

We are going to start with the kitchen: 

The kitchen is the hub of the home it’s where everyone congregates.  It’s where we entertain and where healthy habits can start.  

So of course healthy habits start by buying healthier food and selecting healthier choices for the fridge, in the pantry it’s about having fruit out and cut veggies creating convenience from whole foods that nurture us- and we can dive deep into each of these items but I’ll stay a little high level for today. 

My favorite favorite kitchen appliance for a healthy lifestyle has got to be hands down the Vitamix.  

You can make so many wonderful foods with a Vitamix!  Soups, smoothies, your nut milks, and so much more just by tossing in whole foods and blending for a few seconds.  Quick and easy!  2 of my kids LOVE smoothies and I even sent my oldest off with one when he got his own apartment.  So whenever he’s trying to lose a few pounds or just reset and feel better he will make smoothies every day.  His recipe is 1 banana, a cup of wild blueberries, a cup 1/2  of almond milk, and two cups of baby spinach.   I have a heavy metal detox smoothie every single day and it’s changing my health around - it’s 2 bananas, 1 cup of wild blue berries, 1 cup of orange juice, 1 handful of cilantro, 2 Tbsp of dulce (seaweed),

1 tsp spiralina,

and 1 tsp barley grass juice powder  

It’s delicious and those specific ingredients are designed to grab and hold on to the heavy metals in your system that we all have by the way, just from all the toxic stuff we come into contact every day.   I would say if you decide to do the detox smoothie, it’s powerful and you might feel worse or your symptoms might worsen for several days or even weeks before you start felling better, but believe me it comes.  If you want to know more about this just dm me because I won’t bore everyone with my health story right now but I can you tell you I’ve been doing this 4 months now and I just know I’m healing my body and I’m feeling better every day.   For more info check out Medical Medium.

OK the next most wonderful appliance you can buy for your health is a juicer!   I bought my Vitamix first because I didn’t like the idea of wasting all the fiber.  But now I realize they serve 2 different purposes.   A juicer is really designed to infuse your body with vitamins and nutrients that can go straight into your body, it doesn’t require a lot of digestion and will just go straight to your bloodstream.  A juicer is also amazing because there are some vegetables I will juice but would NEVER blend, not because they couldn’t be blended but I just think they would taste bad - kind of like if you blend an apple it’s a little powdery tasting, so eating an apple is best, but juicing an apple gives you all he vitamins and a little sweetness so that you can juice other things like kale or other greens celery or sweet potato or beets - and you add that apple and now maybe your kids will drink it! I use my juicer every single morning - it’s instead of coffee for me - and it’s because I’m on a healing journey and I’ve learned from Medical Medium that celery juice is so beneficial to healing your body from all sorts of things ranging from auto immune to psoriasis and egzema, to brain fog and just so much more.  It has mineral salts in it that bind to metals in your liver and get them out.  The trick is to drink 16 ounces first thing in the morning on an empty stomach - that’s a whole head of organic celery by the way - and it took a few weeks of adding an apple to it for me to even get that down.  Then I moved to cucumber for a week or two and now I’m on straight celery for almost a year now!  And I love it.  I know that it's doing wonders in my body.  If you are more interested in this - go to medical medium or better yet follow him on instagram because there are so many examples that people post that show their life transformations from drinking celery juice each morning. 

The third thing that I”m SUPER excited about sharing with you is called a Tower Garden. OMG if you can bring gardening to your home in some way whether it be fresh herbs or a fruit tree or a small garden to grow veggies or fruit - what an amazing thing you are doing for your family wellness.  It’s the ultimate in organic farm to table experience - but you don’t need the farm or even the soil!  And it’s so easy even non-gardeners can do it!

Small kids will LOVE watching plants grow - and learning about all the health properties and it teaches them patience at the same time.  And while I’ve known this my whole life, taking action on having a garden is difficult for me because I honestly am not a gardner - I always forget to water and I inherited a lovely garden in one my houses a few year ago and it was elevated and had auto irrigation, in a perfect sunny location, it even was bearing fruit when we bought the house - but in a years time I managed to kill almost everything except the mint  - which I guess grows everywhere like a weed.  OH and my avocado and lemon trees which were probably 20 years old so I couldn’t kill those.  

But Tower Gardens are amazing they are aeroponic gardening systems you can have inside or outside your home. From a design standpoint they are actually beautiful and soft looking- and would be amazing in your home.  I’m actually going to do a whole episode on Tower gardening with one of my business partners because we just believe in it so much that we are creating a foundation that will help bring these systems to schools!  I’m so excited about the possibility of being able to share the nourishing power of plants to children who will in turn bring excitement home - it’s going to transform lives and transform families.  I can’t wait to tell you more about that!   If you want to see my own tower garden and watch it’s progress because I literally just got mine weeks ago - check out my instagram @livingranchosantafe  Wow so that’s just the kitchen!  And it was only 3 things!  We’ve only just scratched the surface. In the coming episodes we’ll go into different rooms of our home and discover small changes we can make that will support us living vibrant more healthy lives.  So just to recap  - 3 products you can buy to help transform your kitchen into a place where healthy habits can start to form.  

#1 Vitamix - totally worth it.  I use mine every day and have had it for nearly 10 years and it’s still working just like the day I bought it.   They have them at Costco sometimes too or you can even buy refurbished models on eBay.  My model has the one that goes from zero to 10 and it has a booster level which i really like because you get a lot of control on how much blending you want - which is good for soups or  appetizers, dips or things you want a little chunky. 

Click on the photo to save $$! This one on Amazon is marked down from $549!

#2 - Juicer - I have a masticating juicer - it’s by omega.  I have to be honest my friend did a ton of reasearch and she said this was the best one so I just trusted her and bought it. It makes fresh fruit sorbet, baby food, ground coffee, pasta too and even nut butters but I haven’t tried that yet.  It’s easy to clean and because it’s a slow juicer, i’m able to juice grasses and kale and it squeezes more juice out of the fruit and veggies.   Here's the model I have, it's normally $480.

#3 - Tower Garden®  

You don’t have to go out and buy a Tower Garden®, but buying a few plants for you to grow in your window or in your home garden are a great idea!  If you do like the idea of a tower garden - go check me out on instagram because I have mine that has just started @livingranchosantafe.  But like I said I feel so passionately about this particular system - it’s proven and beautiful - easy, uses 90% less space and 90% less water than a traditional garden.  

I love it so much I’m becoming a distributor so that I can bring it to schools.  So DM me on instagram or facebook - my facebook is @luxlivingsocal - I have 2 instagram accounts - @luxlivingsocal and @livingranchosantafe.  or you email me at   I can tell you more about them and get one set up in your home if you like.  You’ll have your very own living pantry.  Love it.  I hope you enjoyed this episode!  Remember while you might feel that making changes like this don’t really matter - you are in fact starting a ripple effect of health around the world just by making healthier choices in your life and sharing those choices with others - you are making the world a healthier place - one home at a time.

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