Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Work?

Whether you have a Himalayan salt lamp of your own or you’ve seen one on coworkers’ desks, you still might wonder how exactly they work and whether they offer the host of benefits that they’re known for providing. Can these small lamps really benefit your health and well-being?

What exactly are Himalayan salt lamps?

Authentic Himalayan salt lamps have salt from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan, which is pink due to the minerals it contains. This sand is allegedly millions of years old. People use them to decorate their homes and offices for either beauty or health purposes, potentially acting as a negative ionizer.  

How do negative ionizers work?

People claim that Himalayan salt lamps produce ions that attract water particles. Then, the lamp heats up and evaporates a salt water solution, producing negative ions. Negative ions cleanse their environments, purifying mold spores, pollen, bacteria, viruses, dust, and other harmful particles in the air. They attach to positively charged particles in these toxins, which makes them too heavy to stay in the air. The particles then fall to the ground, cleared away from the air you’re breathing. 

What benefits can you experience from a negative ionizer?

Besides cleansing the air you breathe to prevent you from getting sick, negative ionizers can help balance out your serotonin levels, enhancing your energy and focus. They also can help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, act as antidepressants, and improve sleep quality. Studies have even shown that negative air ionizers can improve physical performance during exercise. 

So, are Himalayan salt lamps actually negative ionizers that can bring about these benefits?

This is where things get a little tricky, because there are not enough studies to definitively determine whether Himalayan salt lamps emit a significant number of negative ions. The lamps have a limited negative ion range and don’t produce as many negative ions as other ionizers. You shouldn’t expect your Himalayan Salt Lamp to fill a large room with negative ions, but you can place it in a smaller area, like your desk at work, for some potential benefits. 

If Himalayan salt lamps don’t work as well as other negative ionizers, why should I get one?

There haven’t been a ton of studies on Himalayan salt lamps, so you can interpret their value however you’d like. Even if the lamps don’t provide as many negative ions as some may believe, they are beautiful additions to your space. They also create a warm glow, which makes for an inviting atmosphere and a cozier sleep environment. 

If you believe your Himalayan salt lamp can improve your health, it might do just that. Many people claim to feel better when using these lamps, which can enhance your well-being, whether scientific conclusions have been drawn about definite benefits. Whether you enjoy the color of the lamps or feel like they have truly boosted your mood or immunity, it won’t hurt to have a Himalayan salt lamp around.  

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Article for LUX Living SoCal by LAUREN DEPIERO, Start Healthy Magazine