Detox Your Home with a Certified Building Biologist

Blooming! A Healthy Home by Design Podcast Ep. 23 Show Notes

Today, we are going to learn how to detox our house! We’ve all been cooped up here for several months now and trying to stay as healthy as possible. We are staying home to stay safe from this pandemic, but how safe is your home anyway? Well, I’ve got an amazing special guest on the show today, her name is Amanda Klecker and she is a certified building biologist and a certified professional home inspector. She specializes in helping families make smart decisions when it comes to purchasing a home and she also is teaching families all about how to create a healthier home so they can improve the home they are in! So she’s going to lead us through several rooms in the home and give us some easy steps we can take to eliminate toxins so our home can be safer place.

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Ok I hope you enjoyed that interview with Amanda as much as I did! I learned so much! I think the biggest thing I learned is that detoxing your house can be easy and doing this can be another way you can help your immune system. Take one step at a time, gradually take things out and gradually change things. Start with one room like your kitchen and start to use more glass, stainless etc. rather than using plastic especially when heating things up! Limit your use to non-stick cooking pans. Be sure that your non-stick pans aren’t flaking into your food and it might be a good idea to try a ceramic or stainless pan rather than non-stick. Remember to cook with lids on and use your fan when you are cooking to keep your humidity levels at the optimum levels so we don’t have dust mite or mold issues in the home. Don’t bring VOCs into your home, so when you are buying things for your home, natural is always going to be a healthier choice over man made synthetic products. And don’t buy things with flame retardants or antimicrobal sprays on them etc. because those off-gas in your home. If you are worried about products you already have in your home, don’t panic but remember to open windows to get some ventilation and fresh air circulating in your home every day. If you are in the market for a new mattress, consider doing some research on these natural mattress products that won’t have any synthetic products that can make you sick. Go check out Avocado, Happsy and EcoTerra mattresses they look great!

I’m going to have an episode where we dive deeper into EMFs but it’s a good idea to be aware that all of this wonderful wireless technology has a frequency that surrounds it and the energy coming from those devices can disrupt our own energy frequencies if we are over exposed or have prolonged exposure. So just be aware of that. You may get a more peaceful nights sleep if you put your phone and electronics 4-6 feet away from you.

If you want to learn more helpful tips about how to have a healthier home, Amanda has an amazing blog. She has so many great posts I would highly encourage you to go there - it’s We are going to have her back for sure and next time we’ll talk about buying an older home and what to look for because I think that’s would be packed with a lot of helpful information.

She has a healthy house kickstart guide and great detox workbook you can download on her website too. So again that’s