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In today’s episode we’ll discuss the HOME GYM, how you can set one up, the equipment and space you’ll need and other elements that you might not have thought about that will keep you motivated and ready to work out! With fitness studios closing across the country due to COVID, home gyms are on the rise. How can you create a home gym even if you don’t have an extra bedroom to dedicate to it? On today’s episode you’ll learn how!

Well I’ve got fitness and healthy living expert Ror Alexander on the show today, he’s also an integrated health and fitness coach, and founder of thrive fitness academy. He has a BA in psychology, and has lived and travelled in Asia and India for more than the past 7 years. So, I”m super excited for you to hear our interview about home gyms. So let’s grow!

Hey welcome back to Blooming! A healthy home by design. I’ve got a great episode for you today but before we dive in I just want to share with you some info on this season. I’ve called it season 4 because in this season I want to talk about 4 areas of our lives that directly relate to our health. They are Physical Health, Physical Activity, Mental Health and Happiness. There are 15 areas of our lives that contribute to our overall wellbeing and I created an Energy Wheel that you can download for free on my website at In season 2 we covered Personal Growth areas and then season 3 was Relationship areas. So this season is dedicated to Health. The reason I want to bring this up is because most of us don’t relate health with home, and I think that there are many ways our home environment can support our health or actually cause more stress in our lives.

So when I talk about health I’ll be trying to focus on how we can make small changes in our home environment to support these important areas of our lives. So today it’s all about a HOME GYM. Are you someone who loves to workout at the gym and you aren’t sure if you can create an environment you’ll enjoy at home? Are you worried you might not have enough space? or you aren’t sure what equipment to buy first? Everyone knows it’s important to move our bodies to stay fit, but how do we motivate ourselves to actually do the work? Most people think that all you need is a room and the right equipment, but there are a few other important elements to consider!

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Recap -

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Ror, we’ll definitely have him back on the show and we’ll talk about how to create space in your home that supports your mental health! But just to recap what we talked about today, the home gym doesn’t need a dedicated room, but you need a dedicated space.

The best reason for having a home gym is the time you save not having to drive to and from the gym. And over time you’ll save money because you won’t be paying a gym membership.

Ror says that the first thing you should get in your home gym is going to be based on what you like to do of course because if you fill your room with things you don’t want to use then that’s not a good idea. But he also said that if you are just starting out and you don’t have a preference, he would have a squat rack, bench a heavy bag and a yoga mat. He says to make sure that you aren’t just doing cardio that you want to be doing large body movements and work to build your muscles, even if your goals are to be lean not bulky. Even if your space is 6’ x 6’ space is all you really need.

Creating a mood or atmosphere is the next thing you’ll need to do to set up your gym. where is it going to be located? what colors will you have in the room? is there a place for inspiring decoration? What are the scents or smells you have in your space? Is there adequate ventilation? What music will you listen to? And the last thing you can do is to have some beet juice before you work out! That’s going to enhance your performance and get your blood pumping. (free Home gym booklet)

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