5 Simple Steps to Create a Happier Home

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

It's so easy for me to get caught up in the daily grind, working towards goals that sometime seem so far away.

I have to remind myself daily to be thankful for what is abundant in my life and focus on that instead of what is missing from it.  

I learned this from Oprah (God bless her - love that woman) that whatever you focus on expands. So let's focus on LOVE, PEACE and HEALTH and watch that expand! Choosing to be thankful for even the little things will to lead you to a happier life. 

So here are 5 simple ways to brighten your day and help you create a healthier happier home.

#1 Add plants or flowers

Plants literally breathe life and oxygen into any room; they help filter the air of toxins, as well as brighten up the space with color and life. Seeing flowers on my kitchen counters always adds a smile to my face after a long day.

#2 De-Clutter and organize

Are you running out of space in your home? It might be time to do some de-cluttering. You will be surprised at how free you will feel by getting rid of or donating items you no longer use or need. You'll be helping yourself and others at the same time! If you aren't sure how to do this, check out the lovely Marie Kondo.

#3 Hang artwork

For many years our walls were bare because my husband and I could never agree on art to buy. It seemed like we would go into an art gallery and the pieces were a size-able investment so we felt like we both really needed to LOVE what we bought and turns out we never felt like we loved anything that much! lol. But eventually I got tired of having blank walls and started to suggest we look beyond the art galleries so pieces would be more affordable and select art where the colors and scale work with the room. Knowing that art didn't have to be an expensive lifetime investment took away the fear of making the wrong decision and we were able to find some wonderful pieces that I still love to this day. Art tends to be a finishing touch like drapery and accessories and adding it makes your home feel finished, kind of like how the perfect shoes or handbag completes your outfit.

#4 Use essential oils

Since smell is one of our five senses it makes perfect sense that certain fragrances can uplift our spirits. Instead of using chemical or toxic perfumes that are not good for your health, consider using essential oils around your home. You can purchase an inexpensive diffuser and there are so many different essential oils to choose from that invigorate or relax or even have a healing affect on your body.

#5 Make your bed every morning

This requires no money and very little effort on your end. And coming home to a freshly made bed every night can do wonders for your mental health! Imagine walking into a hotel suite, you turn on the light and the freshly made bed invites you in. You plop on the bed and immediately feel relaxed. You can recreate this feeling after a long day at work by making sure you complete this morning task each day. And if you can teach your kids to make their beds each morning that will certainly make you smile!

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