10 Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas


The Holiday Season is officially here! Have you started decorating yet? Here are some inspiring, quick and easy tips to help you elevate or change your look this year.

#1 Decide on a theme - Even if you want to use all of your holiday decor from previous years, you can change your look by implementing new elements or even colors to create a new fresh theme.  For example - if you have always decorated with red and gold, you could add another color like white and mercury glass - it will change your entire feel.  Or if you usually have a more colorful theme try adding another punch of one color throughout, you can add colors that match your decor 

#2 Add some Modern elements like asymmetry. Stockings don't always have to be hung in the center of the mantle. This asymmetrical grouping is balanced by the tree on the other side of the fireplace. It's unexpected and looks spectacular. I might put a large poinsettia or a basket with soft white blankets at the bottom left of the fireplace too if it needed a little more visual weight on that side. Hard to tell from the photo above, but you would know when looking straight on.

#3 Use Mercury Glass on the mantel or throughout your home mercury glass ads an element of old sophistication and you can leave it out through January it looks great through the new year too!   

#4 Decorate Your Light Fixtures - Use sprigs of greenery or mini wreaths with tiny berries to add some festive flair to your dining room or kitchen nook. 

#5 Add Some Holiday decor to Your Bedroom - Maybe it's a holiday pillow, a scented candle or a nice arrangement by the bed, but if you love the Holidays, why not add some festive spirit to your bedroom too?  

#6 Display collections in mass groupings - Whether it’s your Santa photos from every year or your collection of unique nutcrackers, grouping the collection adds a personal touch to a console or mantle and always makes for great conversation.  I had custom frames made that held 9 - 5x7 photos of all the kid’s Santa photos.  It’s a clean way to display them all and always is a big hit among guests.  Plus I was able to get them to keep taking them up through my oldest's 18th Christmas because I needed to fill my frame!

#7 Hang wreaths - Christmas wreaths can be hung on more than just your front door. Try hanging them in front of a window or mirror too.  I love solid color wreaths with large ribbon.  It’s an unexpected pop of color that always makes me smile.  Pro tip - sometimes those over the door wreath hangers don’t work or look unsightly.   I had a curved door for years and the trick I did to hang my wreath was to use invisible fishing line or colorful ribbon and drive a small nail screw into the top of the door to hold it in place.    

#8 Decorate your glassware - If you have a lot of glass serve ware - consider adding gutter balls and greenery to match your overall theme and grouping them in mass on the table or on a console.    

#9 Use Fresh Sprigs - I love this dining room table centerpiece. It's low so it promotes conversation. Consider using magnolia leaves in a vase 

add colorful ribbons and greens to lanterns and place them outside or on a table. If you are having a dinner party - use simple ornaments on your napkins for a festive touch.  These faux berries are understated and add a lively punch of color.

#10 Decorate with Candy - Decorating with CANDY can be a great way to infuse some FUN into your decorating and is perfect for when you plan to entertain guests. Simply use any glass vases or serve-ware you may have and group them together in varying heights. Play around with the sold groups of candy or mixd colors that complement the overall color theme in your home.

I hope you enjoyed these Holiday Decorating tips! Please share this with someone if you think it was helpful. To learn more about decorating anytime of year, click here to see other related blog posts.

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