I'm Sheila Alston. 

A REALTOR®, Designer, Podcast Host and Healthy Home Advocate!

It's my mission to bring Health + Home together

While diet and exercise are important, they aren’t the only factors that lead to a healthy lifestyle.  I believe that the home environment plays an integral part in how we feel on a day to day basis and can be a direct contributor or inhibitor to overall wellbeing.  I help others find or create the home of their dreams that will help them lead more comfortable fuller and happier lives. 

I bring Health + Home together in several different ways: 

  • as a Realtor, I help educate clients and highlight wellness features in my listings 

  • as a Designer, I have a team that helps clients with solutions to bring more style and comfort into their lives 

  • as a certified Health coach, I host a Podcast called, Blooming!  A Healthy Home by Design where I interview experts and discuss the many ways your home environment can support your health.  

  • as a community leader, I am bringing other agents from across the country together so we can help more clients and have more impact sharing about Wellness Real Estate