I'm Sheila Alston. 

a Compass Real Estate Agent, Founder of WellnessRE Magazine, Designer, Podcast Host, and Healthy Home Advocate!

It's my mission to bring Health + Home together

Everyone deserves to live in a healthy home environment and hiring an agent who can help you navigate what that specifically means for you, is a great option that is now available to you!  


For example, highlighting the green and wellness features of a home is something not many agents do, but the benefits of these upgrades can be significant for the buyers.   I enjoy helping buyers see potential and benefits in a home they want to purchase and helping sellers maximize their equity by making sure I also highlight the unseen features of their home. 

Being passionate about wellness real estate, I'm bringing Health + Home together in several different ways: 

  • as a real estate agent, I help educate clients and highlight wellness features in my listings 

  • as founder and editor of WellnessRE Magazine, I help other forward-thinking agents provide more value to their clients to help them stand out and get noticed

  • as a designer, I have a team that helps clients with solutions to bring more style and comfort into their lives 

  • as a Podcast Host, I have 2 podcasts:, Blooming!  A Healthy Home by Design where I interview experts and discuss the many ways your home environment can support your health.  My latest podcast is The Wellness Real Estate Podcast specifically for forward-thinking agents who are curious about this fast-growing  segment of the industry  

  • as a community leader, I am bringing other agents from across the country together so we can help more clients and have more impact sharing about Wellness Real Estate